About | The Founders

About the Founders

Entrepreneurs and Merchants

The JingleSPOT logo The “founders’ of Mahalo.Market are a group of; artists, inventors, software developers, merchants, and founders of several companies;

…….…aka; Team JingleSPOT


Our founders bring real-life experience…

Billions for Merchants, since 1994


Founder Brands Include

Duckbird is about Free Movies and Entertainment        Funny Money Bank logo        The JingleSPOT logo         SassyRV an online Magazine and Travel club        SassyRV & Funny Money Banknote



Again Helping Merchants Grow

Husband and wife photo Today, ‘Team JingleSPOT’ brings decades of experience to the all-new Mahalo.Market, focusing on helping Marketplace merchants grow sales exponentially.

Additionally, Mahalo.Market is the new home for all the eCommerce needs of ‘our brands’ too, completing a dream, to bring our sales together under a single safe and user-friendly platform.

While Brad Johnston is the official ‘Marketplace Manager’, Dustin and Marileen remain involved in the daily operation of FRYD.TV the parent company, and JingleSPOT an important sister company, and the experienced marketing arm of the Mahalo.Market.

Team JingleSPOT